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Mixxit was born in 2020 out of a desire to eat healthier, but a great lack of time to prepare healthy meals. Everyone is always in a hurry and on the road it is not easy to find a healthy breakfast or lunch. 

We wanted to change that. We've always been fans of smoothies and shakes because you can incorporate a lot of nutrients and goodness into them in an easy and tasty way. Unfortunately, the taste and appearance of them can be a bit off if you blend them beforehand.

That's why we came up with Mixxit, a bottle that is not only convenient to carry, but also contains an internal blender to blend your smoothie or shake on the go. So you'll never have an excuse to buy unhealthy snacks or meals again!

Our Team

Alanah Muyle

Alanah Muyle

Head Mixer

Sander van Waes

Sander van Waes

Head Mixer

Orpheo K.

Orpheo K.

Head Mixer Benelux

Celine Marce

Celine Marce

Online Mixer

Some figures

Since the launch of our webshop in 2020, we have grown very fast. Meanwhile we are able to produce about 3000 Mixxit bottles a day, in 2 different colors and we deliver our bottles to 16 countries in Europe.

We continue to grow by also being a supplier to shops, wholesalers and distributors across Europe. With the option of having personalised blenders made with your own logo, we also want to encourage companies to offer their employees a healthy lunch or snack at the office. 

Do you want to be part of this, and offer our unique Mixxit blender to your customers? Then become our next distributor! 

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