Dear Mixxiteers

On this page we want to answer all of your questions about your order, shipping, tracking etc. We want to give you as a Mixxiteer more clarity on what happened, what we are doing right now and how we will fix all of the issues.

Below you can find the index so you can scroll to the question you need an answer to.

  1. Social media data breach
  2. Website data breach
  3. Distribution data breach
  4. Where is my order?
  5. Sharing is caring

1.Social Media Data Breach:

Our Instagram account was severely hacked into, we lost control of our page and also all of your dm’s and posts. We’ve been contacting Instagram and Facebook to regain control and eventually to take it down.

We have regained control of our account which now is being used for slander.

This account had 15k Mixxiteers that loved and shared their Mixxit. As a company we made an official declaration and we know who is behind this hacking. The judicial file has progressed far enough to take the necessary legal steps to resolve this as soon as possible.

2.Website data breach

Whilst this hacker was working on our Instagram they also attacked our website.

Thousands of email addresses from our email mailing list were stolen and false information was sent out, for example on 11/6/2021  “Mixxit” had changed its name to “neoblender”.

On 30/06/2021 you will have received an email from the fraudulent account. 

We are currently working on resolving all issues and legal actions are being taken.


3.Distribution Data Breach

We no longer have any data at our disposal to track delivery and consult the distribution status of orders. 

As a customer, you may be aware that Mixxit delivers thousands of shipments every month. As a result, the data breach we encountered became a major problem.

We are currently working on resolving all issues with our distribution account. 

4.Where is my order?

We have a few points to answer this question, unfortunately there is no “one size fits all”. So we advise you to follow each step to make sure we can help you as fast as possible.

-Where did you order?

It’s very important to check where you ordered you Mixxit. You can see this when you revisit your payment confirmation from your bank.

You will see a name on there, the only company name that is from us is “Mixxit innovation in blending”


If you don’t see this you need to contact the company mentioned on you bank confirmation. We don’t have insights on what they did to your order, but we will help you as much as we can. You can email us the bank confirmation and we will report this to the authorities.


Are you unsure if your Mixxit is real? Check the bottom of your blender for the type number, CE symbol and our company name “ALSA” that you can find in the Belgian data base with our company address. Below you will find a picture and our patent on Mixxit. 

-Tracking number

Always check your tracking number, if you haven’t seen updates or it doesn’t work please email 

We made this email especially to help people that are affected by this issue.

In this email we will put the delivery service in cc, this way you have another person who will help and find your package.


In this email include: Order number, name, screenshot of your bank confirmation so we can check if you ordered on our website.

-Wrong order/compensation

If you received the wrong order please follow the first step we mentioned in this thread.


Some people received an email a while back with a “compensation”. This compensation was only for the people who ordered a Mixxit when there were problems with the Suez Canal at the end of march. 

The compensation is not for people who ordered a recipe book.


5.Sharing is caring…send us some love

Have you received your Mixxit blender? Please share this on your social media and tag us at @bemixxit on Instagram or @bemixxit on all other platforms.

You can always leave a positive review on trustpilot to help us.

Thanks for the love and support,


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